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Credas Solutions

Credas solutions came to us as the third brand along a string of referrals, all within the banking management consultant sector. Wanting a “sharp web designer to create a more professional look and feel than a Square Space site”, together we totally achieved this.

Initially Credas brought me a logo using the letter C, not too dissimilar from the final design iteration. However, originally it seemed off center, the lines didn’t flow, and the gradient colour was outdated. Not coming close to representing their brand accurately.

Once we had worked on their initial monogram, we could work on colours, fonts, and everything else inclusive within a brand guide. For imagery, we wanted to skip past all the regular stock shots of people smiling. Don’t worry, we used them later on, as sometimes you can’t go past stock standard. But for our hero images, we went with three dimensional vectors of networks. It visually represents their projects and how they work as a business and with others. These were recoloured using their brand’s dark blue.

Originally, the logo was an uppercase serif font which looked like an outdated corporate brand. The letter form now shows a highlighted lowercase font in bold. The lowercase was chosen to stick with current design trends and keep the logo clean, simple and modern. Just like the monogram update. To give the letterform more punch, we highlighted it with an underline and added a plus to the logo. The plus emphasises what Credas does in a nutshell. They ‘add’ value to companies they work with.

Finally, we moved onto the website. The same design trends were brought into this branding exercise too. Moving with great interactivity, the website is sharp and concise, giving the viewer a strong understanding of how efficient and effective Credas are.

Working together was a delight, and together we showcased the brand to approximately 50 staff members, with great feedback and appreciation. We are all very happy with the final branding.

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