Independently owned and run

Decanters by theĀ  Bay

We are very excited to unleash the online store for Decanters by the bay!

Being a bottle-o based in Port Melbourne has meant that the team at Decanters have been absolutely flat out this past 18 months. Which has meant we have had little time for implementation of new systems. So without further adieu, check out their online store and see their wonderful wine packs available for order.

Their website was one of our first clients and were the largest client we had embarked on the design journey with. A lot of backend work was required. Their blog space is massive, boasting hundreds of posts and weekly updates. They need to have a site that is updated frequently and safely to avoid unnecessary website hacks. Their site is divided up into their blogs, and their story. Now, we have added their online shop too., boasting a clean white base that allows for their visual content of beautiful product. Labels designed by their wineries, breweries and distilleries that they work with showcase are only matched by their teams dynamic written insight into their flavours and palettes. These guys are a great read and an even better reference for great flavours!

Based in Port Melbourne, they are a great balance between a big chain bottle shop and that small boutique retailer that have all your go to drinks as well as an assortment of high quality secrets for the more adventurous of responsible drinkers.

Check them out below.