A Tasting bar & bottleshop representing independent winemakers, wine drinkers & wine ethos.

Glou Sustainable Wine Dispensary

Here’s a project I tackled with a good friend and her hubby (who is also a good friend) over the past few months.

They decided to use the downtime in our wonderful Melbourne lockdown to fine-tune and start a business.

@glou.melbourne A venue representing independent winemakers, wine drinkers and wine was the fruit of their labour.
Sustainability, inclusivity and community all are at the core of this Smith St based business.

Together we built a brand guide including logos, fonts and colour schemes. A website and multiple print media like menus, posters and A-frame designs were built to to get them up and running.

This business is now thriving and regularly packed out. Broadsheet has written them up and recently they had their on street tables put in so you can sit in the sun and enjoy some sustainable wines.

This project was great fun to work on since I love sustainability and wine! They are a must if you’re ever in Smith st. Check their website (built by yours truly) and pop in for some delicious wines from around Australia!