Inclusive Ethical Educators

Harbord & Khan

They are thought-provoking design thinkers in curriculum development and training.

Dr. Meredith Harbord and Sara Khan are based in Melbourne and Oman, which means they work with a 7 hour time difference. Together over the past few years, they have written books that help teachers educate designers. These books are based around core values, some of which are wisdom, respect, kindness, courage, honour and empathy. Needless to say, when we heard they needed a designer, we jumped at the opportunity.

We were contacted to create their brand and website. We used their book designs as a basis to help keep some brand consistency and recognition on their website and logo elements.

We landed on the simplified flower of life representation for their logo as it holds several levels of key elements to their business within one visual. Their six sections of their ethical model as well as their core beliefs all fit within this logo. It represents both strong design elements within the layered circle, and has the flower of creation itself. It’s biomimicry, sustainability, and creativity all in motion.

We have had many skype meetings with Sara and Meredith to get this site just so. They have been keeping us up to date with their business movements and are constantly talking to new government educators here and abroad, running workshops for universities and businesses worldwide and trying to spend time with their families in between.

There is literally no one else doing what they are doing.

Their books help teach designers that they are more than just artists or font fanatics. But that we actually are one of many moving parts within systems that can help leave the world in a better place. This aligns very strongly with us both on a business and personal level.

If you work in design, education or even management of large teams, check them out.